12 May Feminist Rage Night at the NZ Comedy Festival 2021

“Feminist Rage Night” was born at Verb Wellington in 2019, and it has been a delight to bring it to the NZ Comedy Festival this year. An opportunity for comedians, poets, singers and spoken word artists to release their fury, say the things womxn have been told we shouldn’t say in the voice we’re not supposed to use, using all the words. Two nights only in Auckland – here are pix from our second night on Tuesday 11 May. Looking forward to doing this more often! And keep an eye on the Verb Wellington programme in November 2021.

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06 May 7Days Tonight!

Wild times – the Comedy Festival is upon us (check my DATES page for where I am playing) plus tonight, thanks to the magic of television I will not only be on stage at the Classic, but also on TV3 with these idiots.


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28 Apr The 2021 NZ Comedy Festival is here!

The NZ Comedy Festival (cancelled in 2020) is finally here! I’m doing 11 shows over the 3 weeks, including hosting the final night of the Festival when we hand out this year’s awards at Sky City. Details of all my shows (including one in Wellington) are on my “Dates” page so scoot on over and use the link to book tickets.


To celebrate the Festival, Viva magazine (in the Herald) has put some of us on their cover – look! 

They’d sent a questionnaire to some of us to ask us whether women in comedy are now being taken seriously – and you can read that feature article here: Viva: Get Up, Stand-Up


To be honest, it is a question that, after doing this job for 28 years, pisses me off. But I was furious enough to write a very looong reply. You can read that long reply in full here on my “Writing” page. Q&A

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21 Dec Roast Busters Charged

On Wednesday 16 December 2020, we heard that charges have been laid against three men allegedly involved in the horrific “Roast Busters” series of events from 2013 and the years earlier. I wrote this piece about it at the time which I hoped would keep the women at the centre of the story. I remember tucking away the thought then that, in New Zealand, we have no statute of limitations on rape or sexual assault. The women involved were very young when these things happened to them. We know that women and other survivors of assault can feel better able to go through the legal process later, and it seems that day has come. Here is my original story from November 2013. A Tough Week To Be A Woman – Sunday Star Times

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20 Nov NZ Television Awards 2020

Nominees for Best Presenter: Entertainment – Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden & Michele A’Court

This is the team that brought you the award-nominated “On The Rag” in 2020. We didn’t take home the prize (some dude called Paddy Gower won Best Presenter: Entertainment) but we still feel like winners! Here we are on the red carpet at the NZTV Awards on Wednesday 18 November: Natalie Wilson, Gayle Hogan, Amber Easby, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden. We did good.

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22 Oct Finalists! Best Presenter: Entertainment – NZTV Awards 2020

Today, the list of finalists was published for this year’s television awards and I am delighted to say that Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and I are ON THAT LIST for our hosting of “On The Rag”. (Other Best Presenter: Entertainment finalists are Paddy Gower for his Weed doco, and the fabulous Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells for “Seven Sharp” so that is a helluva list to be on.) I plan to put on a posh frock and behave badly at the awards dinner on 18 November.

Slip over to my “Dates” page to watch our latest “On The Rag” episode which is all about Imposter Syndrome… which feels wildly appropriate today. Also other days. But working on it. (Bugger off, Madame Sneer.) (That will make sense if you watch it.)

Full list of NZTV Awards finalists here:


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23 Sep NZ Woman’s Weekly – New Column

This week marks the return of the NZ Woman’s Weekly, rising phoenix-like from the ashes after it was shut down during Lockdown back in March. I am delighted to have a page of my own in a magazine that has been part of our lives for 88 years. Each week after the magazine hits the shelves I will be republishing my little part of it here. Hit the “Writing” tab to have a read.

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