15 Feb NZ Comedy Guild – Funniest Blog/Column Award 2015

In December, Michele was presented with the “Funniest Column Award” by her peers in the NZ Comedy Guild. She made a terrible speech (she was mostly focused on presenting a couple of awards later in the evening, and was generally a bit overwhelmed) so here is what she wishes she had said on the night:


“I’ve been writing a weekly newspaper column since 2008 – first for Your Weekend magazine then, from 2010, for the Press. It has been a real gift – my first editor, Mark Wilson, gave me a very open brief. He said it didn’t have to be funny (which is a liberating thing for a comedian) but it did have to be about something people will talk about over morning tea at work. And it wasn’t allowed to be about my cat. I broke that rule once when I wrote about assisted dying, and related it to the kind and compassionate way we had been able to deal with the end of our cat’s life, but I think that was the only time. Sometimes it has been about some social nonsense that makes me angry, or sad, or bewilders me. Sometimes it has been my observations about the places I’ve travelled to in NZ or somewhere else in the world. Sometimes is has been some kind of nostalgia or whimsy. Always, it is fun, like taking your opinions for a short run. I am always hugely happy when I hear from people that it connected with  them, or resonated, or gave them a voice. So thank you so much for recognising that tonight. I am very grateful, and a tiny bit proud.”



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09 Nov Reilly Comedy Award 2015

On 11 October, Michele was presented with the Reilly Comedy Award at the Variety Artists Club of NZ annual dinner. These are this country’s definitive variety entertainment awards. The comedy award is named after legendary New Zealand performers Sylvia and Jack Rielly, and it is presented to a performer who has achieved excellence in the field of comedy. It was a bloody lovely night.


Reilly Comedy Award 2015


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