My Brand New Podcast – Women & Money

05 May My Brand New Podcast – Women & Money

I am very excited about hosting a brand new podcast about women and money – how to get some, and what to do with it to make it grow.

Because here’s the thing – women are really good with money once we get our hands on it. Though we are given the impression we aren’t in subtle and unsubtle ways. (See: men “buy” which sounds important, women “shop” which sounds frivolous.)

So in these 5 episodes I talk to a bunch of women and hear their stories about their relationship with money. We talk about how we’re taught not to talk about money, the shame and embarrassment of debt plus how to get out from under it, about how hot compound interest is, how sexy it is to invest, and about how disappointing the patriarchy is.

You can listen to it on a range of platforms and there is a link to them all on my Dates page. Here’s a run down of what is in the episodes with links: PowerMoneySecurity – news story

And here’s some more background to it all: Ensemble Magazine

Let’s all get rich!