The 2021 NZ Comedy Festival is here!

28 Apr The 2021 NZ Comedy Festival is here!

The NZ Comedy Festival (cancelled in 2020) is finally here! I’m doing 11 shows over the 3 weeks, including hosting the final night of the Festival when we hand out this year’s awards at Sky City. Details of all my shows (including one in Wellington) are on my “Dates” page so scoot on over and use the link to book tickets.


To celebrate the Festival, Viva magazine (in the Herald) has put some of us on their cover – look! 

They’d sent a questionnaire to some of us to ask us whether women in comedy are now being taken seriously – and you can read that feature article here: Viva: Get Up, Stand-Up


To be honest, it is a question that, after doing this job for 28 years, pisses me off. But I was furious enough to write a very looong reply. You can read that long reply in full here on my “Writing” page. Q&A