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Michèle A’Court

Winner of “Comedienne of the Decade” at the 2010 NZ Comedy Awards, Michèle A’Court is a stand-up comedian, writer and bestselling author.


She has been on New Zealand TV screens since 1987 and still turns up all over the place. She talks a lot – sometimes on radio and TV, sometimes in pubs and clubs – and works the comedy circuit in places like San Francisco, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland and Mangawhai.


Michèle has authored two books, and has been writing a weekly opinion column since 2008, initially with the Press and Stuff, and now for the iconic NZ Woman’s Weekly. She is also in demand as a social commentator on television and radio. She likes to say she has a “portfolio career” which includes work as a corporate MC and entertainer, an actor, voice artist, podcaster and freelance feature writer.


Michèle has one child – her daughter born in 1993 – and didn’t have any more because she was so spectacular, she worried any subsequent children would have been a disappointment. Though now that she also has two mokopuna, she has discovered that all her offspring are pretty much perfect. Michèle lives on Auckland’s North Shore with her favourite husband.


How to pronounce A’Court

Hot Tip: How to pronounce A’Court – bloody difficult, I know, and most people can’t get it right unless they are actually an A’Court. The ‘A’ is pronounced like the letter A (as in ABC) and the emphasis is heavy on that ‘A’. A-court. So it sounds a lot like ‘Acorn’. With a ‘t’ at the end, rather than an ‘n’. Obviously.


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